Each year group is led by an Achievement Leader who has an integral role in ensuring the academic, personal, social and emotional development of students within the school through consistent and fair implementation of our ethos, values and expectations. The Achievement Leader remains the same in Year 7 and in the Sixth Form. In Years 8 through to Year 11 the Achievement Leader travels up the school  with the student.

Achievement Leader Responsibilities:

Monitor and evaluate the standards, achievement and progress for students within their year group,  using student data and information and rigorous target setting.

Foster a positive ethos for learning with their year group.

Oversee and manage the reporting process for the year group.

Monitor the use of classwork, independent study and homework in conjunction with Subject Leaders.

Monitor the rewards system across the year group, ensuring every success of every student is celebrated.

Assist with admissions of students whether at the start or during the academic year.

  Achievement Team  2019/20   
Year 7       Mrs C Davis                           Mrs J Jevon (Achievement Leader Assistant)                                                      
Year 8      Mr J Brophy Miss S Carney (Achievement Leader Assistant)
Year 9 Mrs S Hickey Mrs J Sammy (Achievement Leader Assistant)
Year 10 Mr J Joyce Miss S McHugh (Achievement Leader Assistant)
Year 11 Mr D Shah Miss S McHugh (Achievement Leader Assistant)
Year 12 & 13               Mr I McCarthy                        Mrs T Cave (Achievement Leader Assistant)